FREE Course with Watercolor - Portrait of the Joker

Learn how to paint the Joker with Watercolor
What you'll learn
  • how to paint a portrait with watercolors
  • what colors to use for painting skin
  • how to paint hair with watercolors
  • how to create the background to make the portrait more vivid
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Course description

Even as a beginner, you can quickly master such an interesting subject and learn how to paint and draw the face of the Joker.

In this live course, Rabi shows step by step how to build up such a watercolor portrait, how to implement the coloring and how to design the background so that it emphasizes the portrait and creates an exciting overall picture.

This is a recording of a Live-Course.

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This course requires no prior knowledge.


- 100% cotton, cold pressed, minimum 300 gr/m2.

- transparent alizarin (Winsor and Newton)
- transparent orange (Winsor and Newton)
- natural sienna (Winsor and Newton)
- Winsor red (Winsor and Newton)
- light ocher (Winsor and Newton)
- Lemon Yellow (Winsor and Newton)
- Cobalt turquoise (Winsor and Newton)
- Ultramarine green shade (Winsor and Newton)
- Aqua Green (Winsor and Newton)
- Paynes Grey (Winsor and Newton)
- White Gouache (Winsor and Newton)

- Medium round brush ( Da Vinci Mix B size 2)
- Large flat brush (Da Vinci Petit Gruß 16)!
- Small syntetic brush for details (Davinci Cosmotop Mix B )
- Liner Brush (DaVinci Casaneo) 

Other Materials:
- Mechanical pencil 2B
- Eraser, if you like
- 2 water containers
- white mixing palette
- cloth or paper towels
- paper tape

  • Part 1
    Part 1
  • Part 2
    Part 2
  • Part 3
    Part 3
Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
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    3 lessons
  • Duration :
    2h 30m
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