Peaceful Sea Motif - Stones in Water - Tutorial with Watercolors

Learns to paint an Atmospheric Landscape Motif with Stones and Water in Watercolor Technique
What you'll learn
  • Tips and tricks for painting stones
  • Creating a water surface
  • Mixing colors and brushwork for reflections
  • Painting a loose and fast sky
  • Illustrative painting of a small seagull
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Course description

A quiet day by the sea, a small seagull on a pile of stones in the water. Just the right motif for a long and dark winter evening. We dream ourselves to the sea and paint step by step this atmospheric motif. Many general questions about the use of watercolors are answered by the experienced teacher. Small exercises on the subject help you to implement the motif.

This is a recording of a Live-Course.

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- Good watercolor paper , preferably handmade quality (from Arches, Hahnemühle or Saunders Waterford or similar).

- Light Ochre
- Sienna Burnt
- Alizarin Crimson
- Cobalt Blue
- Coelin Blue
- Potters Pink
- Ultramarine Blue
- Neutral Ink
- Titanium White

- a larger round brush, e.g. Cosmotop mixB, or Aquarelo from Escoda
- smaller red sable or synthetic brush 
- Flat brush, synthetic for lifting paint e.g. Junior Synthetic from da Vinci , size 10

Other materials: 
- Pencil, eraser,
- palette
- Water container
- adhesive tape
- kitchen roll
- spray bottle
- hair dryer

Please prepare the sketch before the course.

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    Livestream Teil 4
Barbara Hirsekorn
Barbara Hirsekorn
Watercolor Painter and Teacher
Barbara Hirsekorn is a watercolor painter from northern Germany with a special connection to the sea. For many years she teaches the watercolor technique and passes on her great knowledge with enthusiasm in courses and workshops.
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    4 lessons
  • Duration :
    1h 52m
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    All levels
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