Three Seascapes Watercolor Course: Deep Blue Sea, Turquoise Waves and Sailboat at Sunset

Let's Discover the Famous Technique of Traveling Watercolourist!
What you'll learn
  • How to paint different sea
  • Learn new maritime terms
  • How to draw correctly sailboat
  • Different watercolor techniques
  • And how to apply them in seascapes
  • We will mix different colours: turquoise sea, bright sunset and deep blue
  • And new watercolour combinations for painting the sea and boats
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Course description

The beauty of sea waves is breathtaking, right? How many times you thought to yourself: "I want to capture this!"

How many times you wanted to paint sails, light and colours of the surface? All the details like sailing ropes or fishing tackle.

But how many times have you tried to acquire just the right technique? The one that gets the results you want.

This is exactly the answer you are about to learn!

Julia Barminova is a watercolour artist that visited more than 100 different port cities over the world looking for an inspiration and new seascapes. 

For many years, she helps artists to get this fascinating feeling when a bit of watercolor paint of different saturation and shade become something bigger on the paper! 

Julia will make sure you acquire the technique from easy to hard, by painting your own sea.

After the course, students will be able to look at watercolour sea paintings with clear understanding of HOW exactly it is done. 

The core element of this class is knowledge of how to get the best image of water. You will learn how to bring the spirit of port to your work. And of course pick up all the necessary nuances of watercolour technique along the way.

If you have ever seen Julia's works, you know: it's not just water. There are so many stories to paint! All the textured fishing boats, sailing in action, ocean waves breaking on coastal rocks, calm waters of smaller bays, yachts in the marina. The best part is that you will learn to take this technique with you outside the studio. So you will be able to capture the waves in your travels or on pleinairs. 

Workshop’s plan:

Deep blue Sea 
Tools and technique: find out important characteristics of watercolour that are critical for expressing water when painting in the Alla Prima technique – one layer of watercolour on a paper.

Turquoise Waves 
Layers: take a look at several levels of complexity about a subject such as the sea, different types of reflections and refractions. Find the right light, tone and contrast.

Sailboat at Sunset
Getting it right: learn what to pay attention to when choosing the right composition and how to find a subject on location, in the harbor and along the coast line. Practice the structure of waves and work with volume and dimensions of water. 

This is a recording of a LIVE-COURSE.

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⚓️ Metallic palette and watercolours in tubes 

- Gamboge PY150/PO48
- Cadmium Orange PO20
- Pyrrol Orange PO73
- Quinacridone Rose PV19
- Cerulean Blue (Phthalo) PB15/PW6
- Cobalt Blue PB28
- Phthalocyanine Blue Reddish PB15
- Indanthrene Blue PB60
- Phthalo Green PG7
- Neutral Tint PBk6/PV19
+ 106 Opaque White (extra) PW6

Required paper specifications: 100% cotton paper 300gr. For Julia’s watercolour technique the best paper is Arches Grain Fin 300gr. 
It is possible to use single sheets of paper or a block. If you use single sheets don’t forget about a board and a masking type. 
Minimum size is 20*30cm, maximum around 30*40cm. It’s up to you. 

- Small angle brush; 
- Round pointed synthetic brushes – size 4-8
- Soft flat brush (pony, goat, or synthetic for watercolour) – size 30-40

⚓️ Mechanical pencils 4B, ruler (for details), kneaded gum eraser, masking tape, water container, napkins.

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Julia Barminova
Julia Barminova
Watercolour artist
Since 2012 Julia works in watercolour technique, combining the classical school with her own exclusive methods. She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of the world. Julia has begun her most famous series of watercolours "Islands in the Stream", dedicated to the play of light and colour on the
water surface and to the structure and configuration of the ships, boats and yachts. She is constantly holding different workshops, demo classes and presentations in Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Portugal and many more. By doing that she is trying to rise awareness of watercolour technique, styles and methods of painting, importance of right tools and selfstyle.
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    14 lessons
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    8h 39m
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    All levels
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