Watercolor: The Sky and Clouds

Easily and confidently paint the clouds and sky with watercolors
What you'll learn
  • how the clouds are arranged and what kind of clouds they are.
  • which colors are better for painting the sky and the clouds. 
  • how to make the gradient fill the right way.
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Course description

In this course you will quickly and easily learn to paint the sky and the clouds. You will be able to improvise and change the mood of your painting. You will understand how to make the sky neutral, which plays a secondary role, or make the sky a focal point of your landscape. 

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There are no requirements for this course.

  • Introduction and Materials
    Introduction and Materials
  • Daylight Sky
    Daylight Sky
  • Sunset Sky
    Sunset Sky
Students' works on this course
Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
This course includes:
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    en, de, ru
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    en, de, ru
  • Content :
    3 lessons
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