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Luminous Lanterns with Julia Barminova

Mastering Travel Sketches: Watercolor Adventures in Architecture
What you'll learn
  • Learn different styles and techniques for making watercolour sketches while travelling.
  • Understand how to choose colours for light and shadow.
  • Create a sense of depth in your artwork.
  • Practice capturing sunlight on buildings and adding details.
  • Discuss the unique challenges of outdoor painting.
  • Use a single wash to create shadows, light, and textures.
  • Explore special effects with certain types of paints.
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Course description

This course offers an exciting adventure into the world of watercolour art and travel, helping you expand your skills and create art in various settings.

Workshop Program:

  • Introduction to Materials: Discovering Paper, Brushes, and Paints
  • Learning about Architecture and How to Depict It
  • Demonstrations of Watercolour Techniques for Architectural Art
  • Creating a Pencil Sketch for Your Painting
  • Focusing on Light, Shadows, and Details

Julia passionates about the idea of combining travel and art. It means stepping out of the studio and traveling to different places to choose scenes for your artwork. It's about capturing more than just details and colours on paper.

Julia's workshops are designed to teach you how to paint effectively, not just in the studio but also in unexpected places like quaysides, ports, cafes, and city streets.

Join us on this artistic journey into the world of architectural watercolour, where we'll unlock the magic of light and shadows in art.

This is a LIVE-Course, the recording will be uploaded after the course and will be available to all participants for 8 weeks.

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Materials List:

- Gamboge PY150/PO48
- Cadmium Orange PO20
- Cobalt Blue PB28 or Ultramarine Blue PB29
- Neutral Tint RBk6/PV16
- Oxide Black RBk11

Recommended: 100% cotton paper, 300gsm, with Arches Grain Fin 300gsm being the best option. You can use single sheets or a block, but if you choose single sheets, remember to have a board and masking tape ready. The paper should be 20x30cm.

- Round pointed synthetic brushes (sizes 4-8)
- Soft brush (pedi

- Mechanical pencils (4B)
- Kneaded gum eraser
- Masking tape
- Water container
- Napkins

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  • Live-Stream 4/4
    Live-Stream 4/4
Julia Barminova
Julia Barminova
Watercolour artist
Since 2012 Julia works in watercolour technique, combining the classical school with her own exclusive methods. She is inspired by trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of the world. Julia has begun her most famous series of watercolours "Islands in the Stream", dedicated to the play of light and colour on the
water surface and to the structure and configuration of the ships, boats and yachts. She is constantly holding different workshops, demo classes and presentations in Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Portugal and many more. By doing that she is trying to rise awareness of watercolour technique, styles and methods of painting, importance of right tools and selfstyle.
  • Date
  • Time 13:00 CET 3h
  • Language English
  • Level All levels
  • Group size no seats limit
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