Lake Como - View of the Gardens of Villa Cipressi - Watercolor Course

Learn Step by Step how to Create an impressive Landscape with Watercolors
What you'll learn
  • different watercolor techniques
  • creation of an impressive landscape scene
  • different possibilities of dry and wet color application
  • color mixtures for water scenes
  • principles and laws of composition
  • why focus is so important in landscapes
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Course description

This course will help you lose your fear of watercolor painting and create beautiful, stylish cityscapes. 

The teacher will show you how to paint a great picture step by step, using a beautiful Italian landscape scene on Lake Como as an example. You will learn how to paint atmospheric watercolors, as well as various tricks and effects. 

This is a recording of a LIVE Course.

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The course is interesting for both beginners and advanced artists who want to keep improving their technique.

Please prepare the sketch befor the course starts.


- Arches Rough 300g/sqm or Saunders Waterford 300g/sqm.
Single sheets or a watercolor block are available
The paper size Mike uses in the course is approximately 56 x 38 cm other sizes are also possible

- cadmium light yellow (Winsor & Newton)
- Yellow Ochre (Winsor & Newton)
- Siena Burnt (Winsor & Newton)
- Glaze Orange (Schmincke)
- Cadmium Red (Winsor & Newton)
- Permanent Pink (Winsor & Newton)
- French Ultramarine (Winsor & Newton)
- Cobalt Blue (Winsor & Newton)
- Permanent Juice Green (Winsor & Newton)
- Green Gold (Winsor & Newton)
- Undersea Green (Daniel Smith)
- Ivory Black (Winsor & Newton)
- Martian Black (Winsor & Newton)
- Payne`s Grey (Winsor & Newton)
- Titanium White (Winsor & Newton)

- Round watercolor brush large, e.g. Esocda Aquario (size 16)
2 x Round watercolor brush medium, e.g. Escoda Perla (size 8 + 12)
- Mixing palette (white)
- Spray bottle fine atomizing
- Spray bottle coarse atomizing
- Masking liquid
- masking tape wide (2 cm), e.g. from TESA to fix the paper when using single sheets
- Painting board to fix the paper (if no watercolor block is used)
- Sketch sheets of watercolor paper for notes or sketches
- Pencil hardness 2B
- kneaded eraser
- 3 water cups
- Tissues, handkerchiefs, towel, paper towels or the like

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    Livestream Teil 3
Michael Bajer
Michael Bajer
Watercolor artist from Munich
Michael Bajer is an artist based in Munich whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and in the United States and are in private collections. Michael is inspired by both people and nature and skillfully combines this in his paintings.  
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    3 lessons
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    All levels
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