Lightning in Thunderstorms - Tutorial with Watercolors

Learn to paint an dramatic Motif with Lightning using the Watercolor Technique
What you'll learn
  • Various watercolor techniques
  • Creating an impressive thunderstorm scene
  • different possibilities of dry and wet color application
  • Color mixtures for night landscapes
  • Principles and laws of composition
  • Use of masking fluid
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Course description

Thunder and lightning ring in the new year. Paint this impressive night motif with the well-known watercolor artist Barbara Hirsekorn. The dark colors in watercolor are something special. In this course, you will learn how to use them to create a vibrant and luminous watercolor.

This is a recording of a Live-Course.

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The course is interesting for beginners as well as for advanced artists who want to keep improving their technique.


- Arches grain fin 300 gsm or other handmade paper
Single sheets or a watercolor block are possible
The paper size Mike uses in the course is approx. din a 4 cm, other formats are also possible

- Cadmium light yellow (Winsor & Newton)
- Light ochre (Winsor & Newton)
- Sienna Burnt (Winsor & Newton)
- Glaze orange (Schmincke)
-Alizarin Crimson (Winsor & Newton)
- French Ultramarine (Winsor & Newton)
- Coelin blue (Winsor & Newton)
- Neutral ink (Winsor & Newton)
- Payne`s Grey (Winsor & Newton)
- Titanium white (Winsor & Newton)

- Round, soft watercolor brush, large, e.g. Feehar or synthetic
- Round watercolor brush approx. size 10, red sable or synthetic
- Synthetic flat brush for washing out

- Fine spray bottle
- Masking fluid
- Pencil, hardness 2B
- kneaded eraser
- Water container
- Cloths, handkerchiefs, paper towels or similar
- Hair dryer

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Barbara Hirsekorn
Barbara Hirsekorn
Watercolor Painter and Teacher
Barbara Hirsekorn is a watercolor painter from northern Germany with a special connection to the sea. For many years she teaches the watercolor technique and passes on her great knowledge with enthusiasm in courses and workshops.
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    4 lessons
  • Duration :
    1h 42m
  • Level :
    All levels
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