Peaceful Lighthouse Landscape in Watercolor

Learn to paint water lighthouse landscapes with ease in watercolor
What you'll learn
  • to create a loose cloudy sky
  • different ways to paint a water surface
  • to simplify and loosely implement architecture
  • different tonal values for a lively image expression
  • reflections
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Course description

In this course you will paint together with Barbara the famous lighthouse of Westerhever on the North Sea. Step by step she will show you her technique and build up the image with two applications of paint. Details loosely placed in the picture give liveliness and give the feeling of a day at the sea.

This is a recording of a live course.

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This live course doesn't require any prior knowledge.


- good watercolor paper (preferably 100% cotton), about 20x20 cm or slightly larger.
- a large watercolor brush
- a small watercolor brush 
- possibly Chinese calligraphy brushes
- spray bottle
- kitchen towel
- adhesive tape
- Paints: light ocher, sienna burnt, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, celin blue, cobalt blue, cobalt turquoise light, winsor violet, neutral ink, titanium white (other colors are also possible, company does not matter, mainly WN is used in the course).
- Hair dryer


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    Teil 1
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Barbara Hirsekorn
Barbara Hirsekorn
Watercolor Painter and Teacher
Barbara Hirsekorn is a watercolor painter from northern Germany with a special connection to the sea. For many years she teaches the watercolor technique and passes on her great knowledge with enthusiasm in courses and workshops.
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    2 lessons
  • Duration :
    2h 5m
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