Step by Step Watercolor Tutorial - Snow in Amsterdam

Learn to create a Winter Cityscape with Watercolors
What you'll learn
  • Leading a smooth process of wet-on-wet watercolor technique
  • Distinguishing important and secondary objects while painting a cityscape 
  • Using linear and air perspective while painting cityscapes Creating illusion of light in windows
  • Learning how to depict lots of similar objects with several strokes (bicycles)
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Course description

Being inspired by the season of Winter atmosphere and passion for snowy weather, Yana will teach you to paint snowy Amsterdam, the view which is so rare to see, as the snow visits Amsterdam once in 5-7 years. 

Capturing all the city details, especially the enormous amount of windows in Amsterdam houses can be overwhelming and can require so much time. 

Thus a good combination of blurry and detailed effects, a successful distinction between primary and secondary elements will help you to create atmospheric snowy Amsterdam. You will learn how to let watercolor paint flow and bleed on wet paper and enjoy how water can create amazing effects almost without your control.

This is a recording of a LIVE-Course.

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Watercolor paper:                            
Arсhes - 100% cotton, cold pressed, Grain fine, 300gsm or
Saunders Waterford - 100% cotton, cold pressed, 300gsm and Cellulose paper for exercises
Professional watercolor paints:                
Any professional brand will suit: Schmincke, Sennelier, Daniel Smith, Rembrandt, Van Gogh etc.
Colors I am using:
- Lavender (Rembrandt)
- Shadow violet (Mijello)/Indigo (Schmincke)
- Ultramarine (Van Gogh)
- Lemon Yellow (Schmincke)
- Cadmium Yellow Middle (Schmincke)
- Opera rose/Quinachridone pink (any pink will suit)
- Blue violet (Rembrandt)/any Purple
- Cadmium Orange (Rembrandt)
- Burnt Sienna (Van Gogh)
- Perylene Violet (Winsor&Newton)
- Naples Yellow Reddish (Schmincke 230)
- Royal Blue (Sennelier)

- White opaque watercolor (Schmincke) or Gouache 
- Flat goat brush/Hake brush 3-5 cm, 
- Round synthetic brush Escoda Ultimo #10, 
- Flat synthetic brush (Da Vinci Top Acryl #10)                     
- Schlepper brush/Rigger brush/Liner brush, natural hair (sable/Kolinsky) #1 (e.g. Da Vinci Maestro Tobolsky 1203K #1)
Other:- Plastic/Glass/any other water resistant board (not a wooden one)
- Pencil/eraser
- Paper towels
- 2 Cups of water
- Watercolor palette or a white plate
- hair dryer

Please prepare the Stencil before the course.

  • Livestream Part 1
    Livestream Part 1
  • Livestream Part 2
    Livestream Part 2
  • Livestream Part 3
    Livestream Part 3
  • Livestream Part 4
    Livestream Part 4
Yana Ivannikova
Yana Ivannikova
Plain Air Artist
Yana Ivannikova is an artist working in different techniques, combining watercolor with soft pastels and other mediums to create a pure fusion of free flow of watercolor and solidness of other materials.
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    4 lessons
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    2h 39m
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