Watercolor Rose. Step-by-step Tutorial

Learn how to paint a realistic rose watercolor illustration using only three colors
What you'll learn
  • How to draw a complex flower
  • How to avoid common mistakes when you work on wet paper
  • How to paint with only three primary colors
  • How to create a volume of a flower
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Course description

Painting flowers is always a challenge, especially if it's a rose. Difficult drawing of multiple petals, a lack of flower's volume and capricious flowing watercolor - this video-tutorial helps you to master all this and to paint beautiful watercolor rose illustration.

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There is a list of supplies used in this project:

- Watercolor paper - Saunders waterford - 100% cotton, cold pressed, 300 gsm density

You can replace it with any brand watercolor paper which is 100% cotton, cold or hot pressed, 250-300 gsm density

- Pencil and erasers (ordinary and soft)
- Masking tape
- Wooden board

You can use any plastic/wooden/carton board you have

- Watercolors in tubes :

Lemon Yellow - van Gogh

Ultramarine blue - White Nights

Quinacridone violet rose - White Nights

These colors can be replaced with anothers. The use of warm red color is not recommened though, as it gives quite dirty violet tint in a mix with blue color. You can choose your own basic pallette with another colors. Just check first, what colors they give being mixed with each other.

- Two synthetic brushes of different small sizes
- Paper towels
- Ceramic plate as a palette


Music: www.bensound.com

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    Practice on wet paper
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    Rose: Step 1
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    Rose: Step 2
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    Rose: Step 3
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    Rose: Step 4
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    Final touches
Maria Smirnova
Maria Smirnova
Watercolor artist and tutor
Maria is a passionate watercolorist, author of watercolor courses, video lesson’s creator, participant of different competitions and exhibitions. Her paintings can be found all around the world from the USA to Malaysia.  
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