In the Cafe - Illustration with Watercolor and Colored Pencils

Learn to combine Watercolor and Colored Pencils in your Illustration
What you'll learn
  • How to quickly paint a sketch in your own style from the surroundings or from a photo.
  • How to make a composition interesting - what details to pay attention to and what to skip.
  • Peculiarities of the use of watercolor, colored pencils.
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Course description

Sketching is gaining popularity every day, sketching is where the creative life of most artists begins. Visual notes in a cozy cafe, what could be easier and more fun at the same time?

This is a  a recording of a Live-Course.

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Please prepare the Sketch bevor the course.


- Watercolor paper - 100% cotton, fine-grained or coarse-grained, density 300 g/m².
- Pencil and erasers (regular and kneaded)
- masking tape
- Wooden or plastic board. You can use any plastic/wood/cardboard board you have
- Watercolor brush medium size
- A synthetic brush small with a sharp tip
- paper towels
- Mixing palette (ceramic or plastic)

Watercolor paint in tubes or pans
- Shadow Violet (Daniel Smith)
- Lunar Black Pbk11 (Daniel Smith) 
- Cadmium orange PO20 or Pyrrol Orange
- Heliocoelin ( or Cyan) PB15:3
- White gouache

Colored pencils (on request)
- Cyan
- Light blue
- Fire orange

These colors can be replaced with others. You can choose your own basic palette with other colors. Just check first which colors blend together. 

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Irina Lupyna
Irina Lupyna
Artist and book author
Irina Lupyna is a freelance artist and book author. Modern big city and authentic old town - these two different counterparts represent her environment, to which the artist is exposed daily and is influenced by it. Contrasts are fundamental to her visual perception. She always experiments with new techniques, styles and painting media such as
markers, ink and watercolor. 
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    5 lessons
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    2h 26m
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    All levels
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