Shadows in the city

Learn to analyze the light model and apply it in practice
What you'll learn
  • Simplify complex architecture and distribute light and shade on the simplest objects.
  • Build an urban perspective
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Course description

Want to sketch architecture quickly and easily? Work out the perspective? Learn to build shadows and work with tone? Then this watercolor class is perfect for you!

The course consists of 4 lessons.

* In the first, introductory, I tell you how to simplify complex architecture and distribute light shade on the simplest objects.
* In the second lesson, we draw a window with beautiful moldings and openwork columns, paying attention to the construction and light shade.
* In the third lesson, we make it a little more complicated, drawing a building with a beautiful tower in an angular perspective.
* The last lesson is about counter light: we draw a sun-drenched street.

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This course does not require prior knowledge.


1. Smooth paper, without strong texture, with the density from 120 to 200g, it can be office paper, special marker paper, such as Canson The Wall, Bristol.

2. 0.3 or 0.5 thickness liner, I have Winsor&Newton, you can also use Uni, Faber Castell, Sacura Micron, Copic.

3. alcohol brush markers (on one side a brush, on the other - a chisel) of grey shades from the lightest to the darkest. Make sure they are of the same coldness-warmness, for example, cold grey. I have Winsor&Newton's cold grey markers, I use CG1, CG3, CG4,CG5 and black XB. You can use alcoholic markers from Copic, Touch or other brands, from the lightest or second lightest and further over one to the darkest. For example cold gray CG0.5, CG2, CG4, CG6, CG8 or warm gray WG1, WG3, WG5, WG7, WG9.

4. Not necessary, but it may come in handy - pencil and eraser, if you are not sure, you can build a preliminary drawing with a pencil. However, I strongly recommend that you do not draw everything with a pencil, because if you outline the line with a pencil, your line will lose a lot of vividness and ease. And a white gel pen, in case we forget to draw a glare somewhere. 

  • Ein bisschen Theorie 1
    Ein bisschen Theorie 1
  • Ein bisschen Theorie 2
    Ein bisschen Theorie 2
  • Zeichnen das Fenster
    Zeichnen das Fenster
  • Schattieren das Fenster
    Schattieren das Fenster
  • Zeichnen den Turm
    Zeichnen den Turm
  • Schattieren den Turm
    Schattieren den Turm
  • Gegenlicht. Zeichnung
    Gegenlicht. Zeichnung
  • Gegenlicht. Schattierung
    Gegenlicht. Schattierung
Tatiana Korotkevich
Tatiana Korotkevich
Artist, Urban Sketcher
Tatiana is an artist and urban sketcher from Russia. In Instagram she is better known as @alliddel. Tatiana draws the city in all its forms. Her favorite materials are watercolors and markers. The artist draws on commission for cafes and restaurants, visualizes projects for architects, conducts master classes on urban sketching, and participates
in various art festivals. Her watercolors regularly participate in IWS and Fabriano international exhibitions.  
This course includes:
  • Languages :
    de, ru
  • Subtitles :
    en, de, ru
  • Content :
    8 lessons
  • Duration :
    2h 24m
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