Step by Step Tutorial with Watercolor - Spring Morning on the River

Learn to paint an Atmospheric Landscape Motif with Watercolor
What you'll learn
  • different watercolor techniques
  • creation of an impressive river landscape in the morning mist
  • different possibilities of dry and wet color application
  • color mixtures for water scenes
  • possibilities of depicting fog and haze in watercolor
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Course description

This course shows you the different possibilities of watercolor painting.

Wet in wet color applications, wet on dry glazes and the lifting and blurring of color for a lot of atmosphere in the picture.

The instructor will show you how to paint a great picture step by step using the example of a river scene on a foggy morning. You will learn how to paint atmospheric watercolors, as well as various tricks and effects. 

This is a racording of a LIVE course.

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The course is interesting for beginners as well as for advanced artists who want to improve their technique more and more.

Please prepare the sketch before the course.


- Arches Rough 300 gsm or comparable good handmade paper, approx din A4.

- Light Ochre(Winsor & Newton)
- Siena Burnt (Winsor & Newton)
- Glaze Orange (Schmincke)
- Cadmium Red (Winsor & Newton)
- Alizarin - Crimson (Winsor & Newton)
- Coelin Blue (Winsor & Newton)
- Cobalt Blue (Winsor & Newton)
- Neutral Ink (Winsor & Newton)
- Ultramarine blue fine ( Schmincke)
- Titanium White (Winsor & Newton)
- Lavender ( Mijello)

- Paynes Grey (Winsor & Newton)

- Round watercolor brush large,
- Round watercolor brush , medium
- Synthetic flat brush for washing out

- Mixing palette (white)
- Fine atomizing spray bottle
- Cloths, kitchen paper or similar, hair dryer

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Barbara Hirsekorn
Barbara Hirsekorn
Watercolor Painter and Teacher
Barbara Hirsekorn is a watercolor painter from northern Germany with a special connection to the sea. For many years she teaches the watercolor technique and passes on her great knowledge with enthusiasm in courses and workshops.
This course includes:
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    4 lessons
  • Duration :
    1h 47m
  • Level :
    All levels
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