Step by Step Watercolortutorial - Expressive Tulip Fields

Learn to Create Expressive Tulip Fields with Granulating Watercolors
What you'll learn
  • How to arrange a smooth painting process of wet-on-wet watercolor technique                                                                                 
  • Distinguishing important and secondary objects while painting a landscape                                                                                      
  • Using linear and air perspective while painting landscapes        
  • Experimenting with different colors, finding good substitution to trivial greens  
  • Learning how to depict lots of similar objects with several strokes (tulips)
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Course description

Spring season in the Netherlands is inevitably connected to flower fields, especially tulip fields.

Yana will create a special atmosphere for you to imagine that you are painting en plein air in the middle of an endless tulip field.

Capturing each flower in the field seems to be an unbearable task and Yana will teach you how to paint all flowers without painting each particular.

We will learn how to combine soft, blended and detailed effects, you will learn how to let watercolor paint flow and at the same time creating tulips shapes.

Our task is to allow colors to blend and flow into each other and still to create a tulips field recognizable.

This is a recording of a Live-Course.

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Watercolor paper:                
Arсhes - 100% cotton, cold pressed, Torchon, 300gsm or
Saunders Waterford - 100% cotton, cold pressed, Torchon, 300gsm and Cellulose paper for exercises
Professional watercolor paints:                
Any professional brand will suit: Schmincke, Sennelier, Daniel Smith, Rembrandt, Van Gogh etc.
+ Royal Blue (Sennelier, Daniel Smith, etc.)
+ Lunar Black (Daniel Smith)
+ Cascade Green (Daniel Smith)
Colors Yana is using:
- Royal Blue (Sennelier)
- Ultramarine (Van Gogh)
- Burnt Sienna (Van Gogh)
- Ochre (Sennelier)
- Shell Pink (Holbein)
- Bright colors for tulips:
- Opera rose (Mijjelo)
- Quinacridone Rosa (Rembrandt)
- Bright reds (e.g. Permanent Red)
- Perylene Violet (Winsor&Newton)

- White opaque watercolor (Schmincke) or Gouache 
- Flat goat brush/Hake brush 3-5 cm, 
- Round synthetic brush Escoda Ultimo #10, 
- Flat synthetic brush (Da Vinci Top Acryl #10)                     
- Schlepper brush/Rigger brush/Liner brush, natural hair (sable/Kolinsky) #1 (e.g. Da Vinci Maestro Tobolsky 1203K #1)
- Calligraphic brush
- Plastic/Glass/any other water resistant board (not a wooden one)
- Pencil/eraser
- Paper towels
- 2 Cups of water
- Watercolor palette or a white plate

  • Livestream Part 1
    Livestream Part 1
  • Livestream Part 2
    Livestream Part 2
  • Livestream Part 3
    Livestream Part 3
  • Livestream Part 4
    Livestream Part 4
Yana Ivannikova
Yana Ivannikova
Plain Air Artist
Yana Ivannikova is an artist working in different techniques, combining watercolor with soft pastels and other mediums to create a pure fusion of free flow of watercolor and solidness of other materials.
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    4 lessons
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    2h 13m
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    All levels
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