Painting snowy mountains with watercolor

Full step-by-step guidance for painting a beautiful mountain landscape with watercolor
What you'll learn
  • how to choose reference photo and how to analyse the suitability of concrete photo for painting
  • how to draw a quick pencil sketch and don’t waste much time with preparatory stages
  • what colours to choose when analysing the future painting and how to mix them without getting the dirt
  • how to control water on paper and inside brush
  • how to do the watercolour washes properly,
  • how to use various watercolour techniques, including splashes and dry brush
  • basic rules of aerial perspective
  • required for every good painting understanding of tone and values
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Course description

This lesson is dedicated to watercolor a landscape with mountains in the snow. In this class you will learn how to paint beautiful snowy mountains scenery. We will start with choosing the right brushes, paper and paints, then together learn how to analyse reference photo, draw a quick pencil sketch and then begin the process of creating a painting in watercolour. We will do the big washes and continue with small details, we will understand the principles of choosing right watercolour technique, from wet-on-wet to dry brush. We will pay attention to all necessary aspects of good painting - composition, tone, values, colour, perspective.

After taking this course you will understand how to paint similar landscapes and the technologies of creating beautiful watercolour paintings.

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Watercolour paper 100% cotton 300 gr., Grain Fin/Cold Press/ NOT
I recommend: Arches, Saunders Waterford Extra White, Hahnemühle The Collection Size depends on your usual formats, but I recommend not smaller than A4 and not larger than A3.
In the lesson I’m painting on Arches Grain Fin 300 gr. 31x41 cm

Pure squirrel or squirrel imitation, large round brush, suitable for washes
Soft goat brush, suitable for mixing the pigment (not necessary)
Synthetics universal brush, suitable for washes and details
Synthetics brush with sharp tip, suitable for small details

In the lesson I’m painting with brushes:
Da Vinci Leonardo pure squirrel
Da Vinci Casaneo # 2
Da Vinci Mix B # 2
Da Vinci Spin-Synthetics # 0
Da Vinci Classic Luxe makeup series

Ultramarine, Indathrone Blue, Cerulean, Cadmium Orange (pigment PO20), Sepia.
In the lesson I’m painting with Schmincke paints.

  • Needed Materials
    Needed Materials
  • Pencil Sketch
    Pencil Sketch
  • Washing the Sky
    Washing the Sky
  • Washing the Background Shadows
    Washing the Background Shadows
  • Painting the Deep Shadows
    Painting the Deep Shadows
  • Stones and Details
    Stones and Details
  • Final Strokes
    Final Strokes
Anna Zadorozhnaya
Anna Zadorozhnaya
Watercolour artist, Tutor
Watercolour artist, official Schmincke & da Vinci brand ambassador, tutor, Instagram blogger with 17k subscribers (@draw_better), art journalist.  
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    en, de
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    en, de
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    7 lessons
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    1h 6m
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