5 Tips For Better Time Management

5 Tips For Better Time Management

Due to the lockdown, most of us spend a lot of time at home. Actually, this is the perfect opportunity to do what we always wanted to do - relax, pursue old hobbies, try new ones or finally finish reading those dusty books on the shelf...

But do we really find the time for all that?
Some of us begin to procrastinate, others cannot slow down because of the overload of work. How can we find that balance to not only spend the lockdown wisely, but also relax and recharge our batteries?
We have put together 5 tips to help you with your time management. 

  1. Write down all the things you want to do during the lockdown. This is the most obvious and known advise, and all because it really works. Start by writing down everything that comes to your mind: sport, renovation or acquiring new skills. As soon as you write it all down, you will feel a sense of relief.
  2. Get your priorities straight. If you think about it, not all tasks are equally important and worth spending precious time on. After prioritizing the tasks, distribute them over your time. Do not try to plan every minute of your day, since that will only increase your stress level. Leave room for spontaneity and improvisation.
  3. Discipline. Writing down the tasks is half the battle, now you have to execute them. Try to come up with an incentive system. If you have cleaned the garage for example, treat yourself with something nice. Moreover, by sharing your plans publicly you create some social pressure, which might help you to stick to the plan as well. 
  4. Eliminate time killers. To begin with, analyze how much time you spend on certain tasks. Often, we don’t even notice how much time we are wasting on social media. Set a daily limit on your devices and soon you will notice how much free time you actually have.
  5. Listen to yourself. Planning brings a certain calmness and tranquility to our lives and thoughts. Only then we start to listen to our inner voice; we understand what we truly desire and what was imposed on us by society. Having a plan is good. However, it is equally important to be able to let go from time to time, spend a day doing nothing, watching good movies and eating popcorn.

All these advices can be applied not only during the lockdown but can also become useful in normal everyday life. This way, fewer tasks will accumulate, and, in the end, there will be more time for friends, family and your hobbies.

Author: Rabi Alieva

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