5 Signs You are Meant to be an Artist

5 Signs You are Meant to be an Artist

You find yourself doodling while on a call. You notice the skyline and cannot resist admiring its beauty. You often find yourselves asking why I am doing something that keeps my wings from opening completely. You frequently leave this world and enter into your own. All these are some of the signs that artists experience every day. We are all talented in something—and when this talent is honed with consistent practice and passion, an artist is born. Being an artist is hugely subjective, but if you usually ask yourself if you are an artist too, you should dig deeper into your interests to find the answer.

Let us look at some of the signs that most artists show in their everyday life-

Sign #1- You Connect to Everything Emotionally: Now, emotionally here does not mean crying at everything you see. Artists are usually drawn to what communicates with them. And more often than not, you will find an artist staring at something not-so-unique for a long time. This happens because artists connect with things and imagine them in distinct ways. Moreover, we only create things that can help us make others see the uniqueness of something very routine. For instance, to most people, the moon is just...well, the moon. But to you, every aspect of the moon is another beautiful mystery you wish to solve.

Sign #2- You Maintain a Notebook of Ideas: As an artist, you get inspired by various things, and you like to make a note of all of them in a notebook because you love preserving good inspirations. As an artist, it is essential to keep the amazement of a child inside us alive. If you have that sense of wonder and get amazed by simple things, that's your sign of being an artist! 

Sign #3- You Don’t Care Much About Rewards and Compliments: The actual proof of an artist is they do everything for the love of art and not the love of money. Artists are not greedy for compliments either. They are happy to see their art touching other people’s hearts and looking at the emotions well up in them the same way the artists put into their art. An artist treasures the connection more than acknowledgment and money.

Sign #4- You Celebrate Other’s Works: You appreciate the success of other artists and love to hear them talk about their procedure. We indeed have different tastes and preferences, but the enthusiasm of learning about someone else’s story remains common. It is an adventure to know what others came across to get their result.

Sign #5- You are Passionate: Passion means strong feelings. And indeed, as an artist, you frequently look at things from a different perspective than other people. You paint because your inspiration shook something inside you. And you simply want others to see what you saw through your art. Artists are usually poor at expressing themselves, so they manifest their emotions into physical forms of art.

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