5 Traits of a Great Art Teacher

5 Traits of a Great Art Teacher

Learning and teaching are two distinct and yet interconnected tasks. When an experienced teacher teaches a student, they learn things back from them. However, to become a great art teacher, you need to evolve with the new methods and technologies introduced every now and then. Along with the understanding of new techniques, you need to understand your students. There are many more characters of a great art teacher you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Here are some traits of a great art teacher-

  1. They Are Passionate Artists Themselves: Art cannot be taught by just anyone. Whether they actively present their artwork in exhibitions or just paint for their enjoyment, art teachers become great only when they know their techniques. When an artist decides to become a teacher, they teach their students in the manner that they learned as beginners. Someone who understands the subject is able to teach it much better. Every artist likes to share their talents either in the form of art or a teacher.
  2. They Love Teaching: Learning something new is challenging, but teaching it is even more so. A teacher who loves teaching is very different from the one who just wants the job. You need abilities to teach someone a skill that you have honed over the years. Beginning from basics and advancing towards more complex art forms and techniques is something that a great teacher would take slowly but in the best form.
  3. They Are Patient: Art is not a thing done in a rush. Original paintings of great artists are expensive because they put a lot of effort and time into each of their pieces. A great art teacher understands this and lets the students go at their pace. Patience is a critical quality that artists must learn, and if their teachers are patient, they can know its value correctly.
  4. They Are Inspirational: Artists need inspiration, and great art teachers do not let their students give up. Good teacher guides their students to produce art forms that connect with people. They know art is all about perseverance and going on even when criticized by many. Great art teachers inspire their students to become good artists as well as good humans. They enhance the creativity of students and boost their confidence. When students are confident with what they are making, they create more amazing arts. A great art teacher knows they are building an army of great power and creativity. They don’t lose their enthusiasm even if they are tired.
  5. They Engage With Their Students: Learning new art techniques can be overwhelming. A good teacher takes their time to teach beginners and does not force them into methods that don’t agree with the student. A great art teacher is an excellent communicator. They actively engage in knowing their students better and find ways that excite them to learn more. Good communication increases friendliness and trust levels. When a student trusts their teacher and is comfortable sharing their weak points, the teacher is able to help them better.  

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