6 Tools To Improve Your Drawing Skills

6 Tools To Improve Your Drawing Skills

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? Or maybe you got stuck and don’t know how to take your skills up to the next level? Well, this article might be exactly what you need. 

Since it is getting too cold to draw outside and our possibilities to observe other people in real life are even more limited, we have put together a list of 6 reference websites to get inspired and enhance your artistic skills.  

1. Easydrawingart.com (https://easydrawingart.com)

If you are completely new to art, easydrawingart.com is a perfect place to start. The templates are very simplistic and unrealistic, but it’s really easy to understand how an object is composed. For each motive, regardless whether it’s a car or a nose, you will find a step-by-step instruction to draw along. 

2. Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.de)

Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired. On this platform it is very easy to find what you are looking for – regardless whether you are searching for new ideas or some reference pictures for your next project. Moreover, you can create your own “pin walls” in order to save your favourite posts. Here is one little tip - if you wish to practice faces, search for the “100 heads challenge” by Ahmed Aldoori.

3. Unsplash (https://unsplash.com)

Unsplash is a platform that provides exceptional royalty free stock images and is completely free of charge. It has a wide range of different categories, and thus can be perfectly used for reference search. 

4. Quickposes (https://quickposes.com/en)

Quickposes is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills, regardless their level. The key feature of this tool is its timed practices where you can specify what you would like to draw. You can choose between pose, face, hands, feet, animals, landscapes and urban motives. For a pose, for example, you can narrow down the gender and whether it should be nude or not. Moreover, you can determine the number of images per practice as well as the available time per drawing. 

5. Line of Action (https://line-of-action.com)

Similar to the previous one, Line of Action has gathered a broad archive of reference pictures to draw in defined time. Here you can even elect the preferred facial expression or animal species. 

6. Croquis Cafe / onairvideo.com (https://onairvideo.com

For those of you who are especially interested in figurative drawing or painting, the following website provides a huge variety of reference photos. Mostly those are nude and more advanced in terms of posing. Further, you can find some short 360° videos of a model which may come in handy for sculptors amongst us as well. And finally, my favourite part is its weekly videos, as those come very close to a traditional class of figurative drawing. 

Everybody knows that the more we practice something, the better we become at it. Unfortunately, we often find excuses not to follow our passion – whether it is laziness, work or simply “not the right time”. 

Be bold. Have courage to try something new and learn new skills. And as my mum would always tell me: “Well begun is half done.”

Have fun! And don’t forget to share your progress with us.

Author: Kate S.

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