Colorful Fall in Paris with Watercolors

Learn to paint sunny autumn atmosphere
What you'll learn
  • Apply linear perspective basic rules for landscapes
  • Split complicated picture into easy and doable steps
  • Combine basic watercolor techniques for easy and loose autumn trees
  • Working with color contrasts and combinations
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Course description

In this course you’ll get explanations that will help you to better understand the basics of linear perspective and its application to cityscapes. 

Then you’ll see a step by step demo of painting an atmospheric autumn park and simple and loose trees from a pencil drawing to final details. You also will have time to paint your own picture.

This is a recording of a Live-Course.

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The course is interesting for beginners as well as for advanced artists who want to improve their technique more and more.

No special drawing skills are required.


Maria will use these supplies for the class. You can replace them with materials of your favourite brands.

Arches: 100% cotton paper, cold pressed, 300 gsm (you can take any other paper with the same characteristics), 36x26 cm + paper for exercises and color tests

- Aureolin, Sennelier 559
- Naples yellow red, Rembrandt 224
- French vermilion, Sennelier 675
- French Ultramarine, Sennelier 314
- Burnt Sienna, Sennelier 211 / Sepia

- Goat flat brush 3 cm or any wide flat natural brush for moistening the paper
- Round squirrel / squirrel mix / squirrel imitation brush (6-10 mm fits well)
- Small (about 3-6 mm ) round synthetic brush for details  (mixed / imitation / natural will do this job as well)

- Plastic or wooden board
- Cup of water
- Paper towels
- Masking tape

  • Livestream
Maria Smirnova
Maria Smirnova
Watercolor artist and tutor
Maria is a passionate watercolorist, author of watercolor courses, video lesson’s creator, participant of different competitions and exhibitions. Her paintings can be found all around the world from the USA to Malaysia.  
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    2h 30m
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