Botanical Watercolor: Juicy Raspberry

Paint this complex berry in botanical painting technique easily and solve the secret of its form.
What you'll learn
  • painting in a limited palette, learn how to mix colors
  • practice watercolor techniques that allow you to paint realistic objects 
  • Learn to understand the size and shape of objects 
  • how to create volume with color, using warm and cool shades
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Course description

In the course of the lesson I will explain in detail and we will learn online how to draw a complex object with watercolor on the example of a raspberry. You will learn the basic techniques of botanical watercolor painting, which will be useful not only in botany, but also in any other subjects. After all, knowledge about the construction of the object, the lighting, the method of applying paint and color mixing is necessary.

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There are exercises in class to help you master watercolour techniques, especially if you are a beginner. For anyone who has already painted watercolours, they will help you prepare for class, or maybe you will discover something new.

The materials we're going to need:

  • Brushes: synthetics or weasel, no. 6 and no. 3 (sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer)
  • Paint: Permanent Red (PR112) or Winsor Red (PR254) / Quinacridone Magenta (PR122) or Quinacridone Rose (PR122) / Permanent Yellow Light (PY154) or Limoncellos Yelow (PY3) / Ultramarine (PB29) is better suited to the pigment number, as names may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • paper 100% cotton, 180-300g/m², cold pressed and a small piece for exercise 
  • masking fluid and skewer
  • palette and water
  • pencil and eraser
  • paper towel 
  • sheets of carbon-paper
  • tablet, adhesive tape
  • materials
  • pencil and mask application
    pencil and mask application
  • exercises
  • first layer
    first layer
  • creating texture
    creating texture
  • adding shades 1
    adding shades 1
  • adding shades 2
    adding shades 2
  • remove mask add details
    remove mask add details
Lida Doukhnevitch 
Lida Doukhnevitch 
Watercolor artist
Inspired by nature and the diversity of the flora, she is engaged in botanical painting. Lida is convinced that each plant carries something beautiful in it, you just have to look at it and put it on paper.   
This course includes:
  • Languages :
    de, ru
  • Subtitles :
    en, de, ru
  • Content :
    8 lessons
  • Duration :
    1h 35m
  • Level :
    All levels
  • Updated :
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