Watercolor Hand Lettering - Beginner's Guide

Immerse yourself in the world of hand lettering and learn how to write a motto with watercolor and brush.
What you'll learn
  • How to plan the layout of a saying
  • How to make a sketch and transfer it to watercolor paper
  • How to use brushes and watercolor to create different fonts - from script to block letters to 3D letters
  • How to beautifully decorate your text
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Course description

We start with the question of how to build the layout for the slogan "Life is made of little moments". It is important not only to choose fonts that harmonize with each other, but also the size and positioning of the text parts. Together we sketch the graphic and transfer the drawing to watercolor paper. 

Next, we will explore script fonts, block letters, 3d letters, and decorative elements using the different letterforms. As a reward, at the end of the course you will hold your own handlettering unique piece in your hands and know how to approach the next phrase.

Some experience with handlettering is an advantage, but not a must. You can use my template as a guide when designing the letters. With regard to watercolor, you do not need any previous experience, because we do not use complicated techniques and everything you need to know is explained in detail in this online course on drawing.

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For the sketch you need sketch or printer paper, a pencil, eraser and a ruler. A lightpad is helpful for transferring the sketch, but not absolutely necessary - I will mention alternative possibilities in the course. For watercolor lettering you will need a small round brush (e.g. size 4), watercolor paper as well as watercolor, water and a paper towel to dab your brush.

  • 1 - Einführung
    1 - Einführung
  • 2 - Erste Skizze
    2 - Erste Skizze
  • 3 - Skizze finalisieren
    3 - Skizze finalisieren
  • 4 - Script Lettering
    4 - Script Lettering
  • 5 - Blockbuchstaben und 3D Look
    5 - Blockbuchstaben und 3D Look
  • 6 - Script Lettering Teil 2
    6 - Script Lettering Teil 2
  • 7 - Dekoration
    7 - Dekoration
Ludmila Blum
Ludmila Blum
Handlettering Artist & Illustrator
Ludmila Blum has immersed herself in the theme of handlettering in 2015 and supports with her YouTube tutorials as well as instructions on your website in learning the art of beautiful letters. She has written several Handlettering books, including "The Great Handlettering Workshop", the "Handlettering QuickStart Block" or
"Handlettering - Font Design and Composition". Ludmila puts a lot of emphasis on testing different techniques and materials for different Handlettering styles, and in this way is constantly developing herself further. Ludmila is also known as "Bunte Galerie", under which she offers handlettering resources in social media and on her website.  
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