Watercolor Painting: Walk by the Sea

Learn to Paint a Picturesque Beach Landscape in Watercolor
What you'll learn
  • different watercolor techniques
  • depiction of clouds in form and perspective
  • proportions of the human figure
  • representation of skin tones and clothing in watercolor technique
  • construction of a sketch as a preliminary work for the watercolor
  • design of moving water surface, waves and reflections in wet sand
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Course description

A sunny day by the sea, people walking on the beach and waves rolling on the wet sand. This online course captures that special summer feeling. Step by step the course will take you through the complex plot.

You will overcome all the challenges of watercoloring a sea landscape with the help of Barbara Hirsekorn, a watercolor painter from Kiel. She will show you every step in the creation of the painting.

You will also learn how to create a loose watercolor sky and the proportions of the human figure in separate practice lessons.

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No prior knowledge is required for this course.

  • Die Materialien
    Die Materialien
  • Übung 1 Der Himmel
    Übung 1 Der Himmel
  • Übung 2 Die menschliche Figur
    Übung 2 Die menschliche Figur
  • Die Kompositionsskizze
    Die Kompositionsskizze
  • Das Motiv. Teil 1
    Das Motiv. Teil 1
  • Das Motiv. Teil 2
    Das Motiv. Teil 2
Barbara Hirsekorn
Barbara Hirsekorn
Watercolor Painter and Teacher
Barbara Hirsekorn is a watercolor painter from northern Germany with a special connection to the sea. For many years she teaches the watercolor technique and passes on her great knowledge with enthusiasm in courses and workshops.
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    6 lessons
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