3 Days Watercolor Workshop in Hamburg: Portrait Course

Learn Methods for Creating Watercolor Portraits - from Sketch to finished Painting
What you'll learn
  • the basic proportions of the human face
  • how to depict the volume of the head.
  • how to draw eyes, nose and mouth
  • what colors to use to paint the skin
  • how to account for age-related changes.
  • how to paint a portrait with watercolors
  • how to paint hair with watercolors
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Course description

Workshop in Hamburg

July 05 - 07 2024
from 11:00 am CEST
Duration: 18 hours in total


"Unser Bahnhof"  
Rübenkamp 227
22307 Hamburg

This comprehensive portrait course includes 3 days of 6 hour sessions with the instructor who will work through each subject with you in detail. You'll also receive a PDF guids of the author's methodology to practice and solidify your knowledge. Rabi will teach and guide you through exercises that relate to the concepts of scale and proportion in drawing. You will learn basic watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet, dry-on-dry, gouache and more.

In this course, you will learn about and understand the anatomical construction of the human face, because it is through an understanding of the skull and the individual parts of the human face that artists can paint realistic portraits and convey a variety of moods.

Previous experience in watercolor painting is required.

cancellation can be made at any time via e-mail. A handling fee of 10,- will be charged until 31 days before the workshop starts.

We charge at the cancellation: 
- from 30 to 15 days before the start of the workshop 20% of the workshop fee.
- from 14 to 7 days before the start of the workshop 50% of the workshop fee.
- from 7 days before 100% of the workshop fee.

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Please download the PDF guides and bring them printed out to the workshop.

- 100% cotton, cold pressed, minimum 300 gr/m2.

- transparent alizarin (Winsor and Newton)
- transparent orange (Winsor and Newton)
- natural sienna (Winsor and Newton)
- Sienna Burnt (Winsor and Newton)
- Winsor Red (Winsor and Newton)
- Light Ochre (Winsor and Newton)
- Lemon Yellow (Winsor and Newton)
- Cobalt Turquoise (Winsor and Newton)
- Ultramarine (Winsor and Newton)
- Coelin Blue (Winsor and Newton)
- Aqua Green (Winsor and Newton)
- Paynes Grey (Winsor and Newton)
- White Gouache (Winsor and Newton)

- Medium round brush ( Da Vinci Mix B size 2)
- Large flat brush (Da Vinci Petit Gruß 16)!
- Small syntetic brush for details (Davinci Cosmotop Mix B )
- Liner Brush (DaVinci Casaneo) 

Other Materials:
- 2 water containers
- white mixing palette
- Cloth or paper towels
- paper tape 
- sketchbook / sheets
- Mechanical pencil 2B
- Plain pencil 6B
- Black fineliner
- Eraser, if you like

Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
  • Date
  • Time 3 sessions, 18h. Time zone CEST.
  • Language German
  • Location Hamburg
  • Level All levels
  • Group size 20 participants
Spots left: 2
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