Weekend Workshop in Munich: Landscape - Basics of Painting a Forest

Learn to paint trees and landscapes with watercolors
What you'll learn
  • color theory 
  • how different types of trees are arranged 
  • how to draw in detail a few basic tree types
  • how to mix beautiful green color 
  • how to paint tree trunk and branches 
  • how to make a tone sketch 
  • watercolor techniques and best practises
  • aerial perspective 
  • how to show depth in your watercolor with a right color choice 
  • how to correctly place accents in the work
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Course description

Workshop in Munich

2023 April 22 & 23
from 11:00 am CEST
Duration: 11 hours in total

ArtHustle Studio
Leopoldstrasse 202A
80804 Munich

This is a comprehensive and structured watercolor workshop on forest and trees. We will go from very simple exercise to complex plots.

The course consists of 2 parts:
The first part of the course is devoted to theory, where you will learn some physics of nature and analyze how different types of trees are arranged and also learn how to draw in detail a few basic tree types.

After that you will paint a wonderful plot with step-by-step instruction. You will consolidate knowledge from the previous lesson, as well as focus on the analysis of a particular topic.

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This course is suitable for both beginners and advanced painters and does not require any prior knowledge.

The course price includes all materials.

Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
  • Date
  • Time 2 sessions, 11h. Time zone CEST.
  • Language German
  • Location Munich
  • Level All levels
  • Group size 10 participants
Spots left: 5
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