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Free Livestream: Königssee - Watercolor on your Journeys

Lear how to create a great Watercolor Landscape with Rabi and Hahnemühle
What you'll learn
  • different watercolor techniques
  • how to get edge control while working with watercolours
  • how to depict reflections
  • how to use different brush techniques
  • different ways of mixing paint
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Course description

Learn to paint step-by-step stylish watercolor landscape with Rabi. She will show you  different watercolor techniques and also how to make an ordinary plot interesting with the right approach to creating your own work 

To celebrate the new Watercolor Postcard Edition 2023/2024 of Hahnemühle we and our sponsor have prepared not only free live course but also cool prizes for you.

Three lucky participants will receive a great prize from our sponsor Hahnemühle: high quality art supplies.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn something new, win prizes, as well as spend pleasant time among like-minded people. 

How to Participate the Giveaway:

  • Post your result of the Live-Course till March 8
  • Use #hahnemuehlepost and #arthustlelive
  • Follow @hahnemuehle_global and @arthustle.official

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- the artist is using the 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper from Hahnemühle. 
Alternatively you can use any good 100% cotton watercolor paper, cold pressed, at least 300 gr/m2 

- transparent Alizarin Crimson 
- Cobalt Turquoise 
- Lunar Black granulating
- Burnt Siena 
- Natural Siena 
- Ultramarine Green Shade 
- Aqua Green 
- Paynes Grey
- White Gouache 
- Red Acrylic Ink

- Round brush medium (Da Vinci Mix B size 2)
- Large flat brush (Da Vinci Petit Gris 16)
- Small syntetic brush for details (Da Vinci Cosmotop Mix B)
- Liner Brush (Da Vinci Casaneo)

Other materials:
- Mechanical pencil 2B
- Eraser, if you like
- 2 water containers
- white mixing palette
- cloth or paper towels
- Tape

  • Livestream Part 1
    Livestream Part 1
  • Livestream Part 2
    Livestream Part 2
  • Livestream Part 3
    Livestream Part 3
  • Livestream Part 4
    Livestream Part 4
Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
  • Date
  • Time 19:00 CET 2h
  • Language English
  • Level All levels
  • Group size no seats limit
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