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Lighthouse: Two Plots in One Live-Course

Learn to paint expressive pictures with watercolor
What you'll learn
  • different watercolor techniques
  • design of moving water surface and waves 
  • different possibilities of dry and wet paint application
  • color mixtures for water, depending on the weather and depth of the sea
  • depiction of sea spray and crests of waves
  • building a tonal sketch for a watercolor
  • compositional principles and laws
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Course description

This course will help you not be afraid of watercolor and achieve beautiful, stylish washes. 

You will have access to an already recorded lesson in which the teacher will show you how to paint an abstract watercolor picture. You will learn how to create beautiful transitions and not be afraid of water.

You can comfortable  prepare your self and practice for the next lesson. Afterwards, you'll paint a stylish lighthouse scene with your teachers live stream. You will learn how to draw light and atmospheric watercolors as well as different tricks and effects. 

Access to the recording of the stream will remain available for 1 month.

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The class may be interesting both for beginners and advanced artists who never stop improving their technique.

The course consists of two parts, a pre-recorded video lesson and a live stream.




Watercolor paper preferably 100% cotton cold-pressed, density not less than 300 g/m2. For example, the following manufacturers: Arches, W&N, Canson Watercolor. You can buy the paper both in blocks and as separate sheets

Professional watercolour set from, White Nights, Schmincke, W&N and other professional series, in cuvettes or tubes - it does not matter.

Colors that are used in the course:
- Burnt Sienna
- Ultramarine
- Permanent Alizarin (cold red)
- Aureolin
- Paynes grey
- Aqua Green or Helio Turquoise
- Transparent Orange
- White Gouache

If you already have brushes, take your usual set. If you buy, here are some recommendations: 
- middle-size round french brush out of natural hair (Da Vinci mix-b 3)
- fine synthetic brush for details
- synthetic flat brush
- soft flat brush to wet the sheet

Other necessary materials:
- plastic palette
- water tank
- paint tape
- paper towels
- spray
- masking liquid

  • Einführung.Materialien
  • Abstraktmalerei
  • Skizze
  • Livestream. Teil 1
    Livestream. Teil 1
  • Livestream. Teil 2
    Livestream. Teil 2
  • Livestream. Teil 3
    Livestream. Teil 3
Rabi Alieva
Rabi Alieva
Watercolor artist
Rabi Alieva is a watercolor artist and designer who absorbs different methods and techniques of how to teach drawing. She gladly shares her experience of how to learn to draw impressive watercolors in a short time.  
  • Date
  • Time 19:00 CEST 2h 30m
  • Language German
  • Level Beginner
  • Group size no seats limit
• Access to all learning materials
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